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Jeff Banks Blog 29/7

by Jeff Banks

Quote of the week

Today we go back to the 1982 movie 48 Hours

“I believe in the merit system and so far you ain’t built up no points boy!”

Relationships are all about trust – in some ways building “brownie points” with your customers etc. At BNI we go out of…

Jeff Banks Blog 25/7

by Jeff Banks

My Quote for the start of the week


From a Michael Douglas movie – Falling Down (1993)


“I’m the bad guy? How did this happen?”


Sometimes we are too blind to see what is right in front of us


In this particular scene the Michael character is having a particularly bad day (notwithstanding…

Jeff Banks Blog 22/7

by Jeff Banks

This week we visit the 1991 movie JFK for the quote

“It’s a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma”

I pose a question – what do I do. Answer Banks Consultancy are accountants – and to paraphrase our advertising – not your ordinary accountant – but what does that…

Jeff Banks Blog 19/8

by Jeff Banks

This one we delve into the 1991 movie the Addams Family

“The human spirit, it is a very difficult thing to kill. Even with a chain saw!”

This quote reminds me of something Tony Gattari said to me (for those who don’t know Tony Gattari he took Harvey Norman Electrical from…

My first Blog

by Jeff Banks

Quote of the week


This week we are going back to one of Jack Nicholson’s finest – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest




The question that begs to be asked – But did he? Avid readers of my blogs and articles will know…