Monthly archives for May, 2012

Interim Blog 30 May

by Jeff Banks


I woke this morning to the news that because of the NAPLAN results $30million in funding was going to be withheld from schools.

I am sorry but how silly is that. In a time when education is everything, with imports growing because we can’t compete at a…

Jeff Banks Blog 25 May

by Jeff Banks


This week I remember a quote from the 1999 movie 10 Things I Hate About You

       “My insurance does not cover PMS!”

Self control is something we exercise every day. Like we all will have experienced – we have good days and bad days.

I spoke this morning…

Jeff Banks Blog 18 May

by Jeff Banks

Quote of the Week

This week I am going to make an admission – I am definitely a James Bond fan, along with Star Trek, Star Wars and 70s music as everyone has probably gathered. This week I was watching the classic From Russia With Love from 1963 and an…

Jeff Banks Blog 11 May

by Jeff Banks

Quote of the Week

This week I found a quote which I am sure all business people especially small business operators can attest to. It is form the 1995 movie 12 Monkeys

       “I am insane and you are my insanity”

Adding the word business in front of “you” and you see…

Jeff Banks Blog 4 May

by Jeff Banks

Quote of the Week

This week I have gone back to an old favourite the 1977 Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope

       “Who’s the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?”

The bane of my life is what I would term “pub advice”. You know what…