Monthly archives for June, 2012

Jeff Banks Blog 15 June

by Jeff Banks


I was looking for something a little more out there this week and for those who have seen the 2001 movie K-Pax, Kevin Spacey makes the following quote that resonates with me.

       “The universe will expand and then collapse back and expand again. It will repeat…

Jeff Banks Blog 8 June

by Jeff Banks


This week I have been at NTAA Tax School Seminar and it became very clear very quickly that perhaps the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) were beginning to see themselves (if they had not already) in the same light as the Star Trek’s (some would suggest their…

Jeff Banks Blog 1 June

by Jeff Banks

Quote of the Week

This week one of my staff, Carol, found a quote from the 1982 movie An Officer and a Gentleman she thought was very pertinent to business. This is a movie which remained in her mind long after she viewed it and should remain in your minds…

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