Monthly archives for October, 2014

My First Trip in my Car

by Jeff Banks

Your first trip from home to work and return to home are considered private travel and are not deductible. Listen to Jeff for more detailed information and contact us at Banks Consultancy if you should require further clarification or assistance in this matter.

What actually has to go into my logbook.

by Jeff Banks

Record your business travel correctly using the motor vehicle log book. Listen to Jeff elaborate on the two methods, the per-kilometre method or the percentage method. Contact us at Banks Consultancy if you would like us to walk you through the requirements in filling…

Why would I be fined by the tax department?

by Jeff Banks

The non-lodgement of a return will be the main cause of incurring a fine rather than a late lodgement. Listen to Jeff for the best steps to take to avoid a fine from the tax department.