Summary of March

by Jeff Banks

Summary of March. As this is the last tidbit for the month of March, we talk about topics that were covered over the past weeks.

We spoke about investing in properties and things such as depreciation, borrowings, structures and more.

If you have queries about any…

It’s all about PLANNING

by Jeff Banks

It’s all about PLANNING.

Earlier in the month we spoke about getting the strategy right for investing in property. It should never be about one particular part of the transaction, it should be about the whole transaction and the profit you will make at the…

Pesky Acronyms

by Jeff Banks

As it is Tuesday, we talk about pesky acronyms that investors are just expected to know. And today subject is repairs v.s. improvements.

There is potentially lots of pitfalls if we can’t get the difference between the two. Repairs are a tax deduction and improvements…

Other Taxation Structures

by Jeff Banks

Today’s subject:  other taxation structures and why we use them.

We all know we can invest as a personal investor, a company, a discretionary trust or a superannuation fund. But there are other structures that can be used such as a hybrid trust or a…

Selling your property

by Jeff Banks

Today we talk about selling your property.

The best person to talk about selling your investment property would be your financial planner. But it might be important to consider if you exchange prior or after 30th June as Capital Gains Tax is calculated from the…

Inspection Costs of Investment Properties

by Jeff Banks

Today we talk about the inspections costs for investment properties.

When initially inspecting a property to check if it should be invested in, the costs related to this inspection are capital costs and as such, are not a deduction. But this costs should be quarantined…

Mortgage Insurance

by Jeff Banks

Today we talk about mortgage insurance. If your Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) is high, the bank or lender will charge you Mortgage Insurance.

Is mortgage Insurance deductible? Yes. But there are conditions that apply to this deduction.Mortgage Insurance needs to factored in to the…

Cross Co-lateralisation

by Jeff Banks

Today’s subject is Cross Co-lateralisation. Yes, Cross Co-lateralisation  is a big word – and it can have a big impact on your purchases and sales of properties.

Click on the video to find out how it can impact you.